Price Matching

This question has come up recently: “Do you ‘price match’ with companies like Amazon or buybuy Baby?” The simple answer is no, we are unable to do.  The more complex answer lies within the text below…

When you purchase from Baby’s Sweet Beginnings, not only are you getting quality products, but you are also getting many other things. You get us: my staff and I are thoroughly trained to understand your pump, your breastfeeding experiences and we are able to troubleshoot any issues you may be having.  You get BSB 24/7/365. You get what you pay for, and when you purchase solely based on price, you can forego outstanding quality and service that Baby’s Sweet Beginnings was built on. 

At the time of your purchase, we can immediately process your insurance covered breast pump, and we can also include processing  your classes and lactation consultations. We accept Health Spending Account Cards (aka Flexible Spending Accounts) for breastfeeding equipment such as extra pump parts, milk storage bags, bottles, nipple cream and breastfeeding supplements.

What happens if your pump breaks down or you have an issue with it?  You can try to contact Amazon’s customer service or try to hunt down someone from buybuy Baby at 9pm on a Sunday night. Or, if you’ve purchased from BSB, you can call us at 10pm and I will personally make sure that you have a loaner unit for your work day, no waiting for a replacement unit. Your dog chewed up your flanges? Not a problem, just call, and I will meet you at the shop for your replacement parts so you can catch your flight out of town with everything you need. We’ve helped many families in the WNY and Southern Ontario areas when time matters most.

At 5am you can call, and I will talk you through putting your pump parts together so that your baby can have a bottle of your pumped milk if needed while you are in the hospital or at home. I will meet you on Easter Sunday for a lactation consultation if you need one. Why? It’s because I believe in personalized service in this niche field I’ve invested in.  I bring my years of experience and certification into each and every interaction. 

This, this is why I am unable to price match. Our services are one of a kind; you will find no better customer service, no more thoroughly trained staff, no more compassionate people involved to help you in your breastfeeding and parenting journey. 

Baby’s Sweet Beginnings promises to take the best care of you and your newborn, you will always be greeted with a smile and get the best we have to offer!  We strive to continue working to meet our mission: provide as much support as we can to help in the health and wellness of the prenatal, birthing and postpartum experience. 

Thank you for your continued patronage and supporting local businesses.

Polly Thoman, IBCLC

Owner, Baby’s Sweet Beginnings