What do you need to breastfeed?

What Do You Need to Breastfeed?

by Polly Thomas, IBCLC

So your baby is due soon and you may be wondering what you’ll need for your first breastfeeding experience. Let us help guide you in the best choices for your new bundle of joy.

When considering breastfeeding there really is not a whole lot of stuff that you’ll need to begin. We often recommend that you do sign up for a prenatal breastfeeding class so that you know how to avoid issues or problems when you start to breastfeed. Make sure to meet with your lactation consultant ahead of time so you get to know that person and feel comfortable asking questions prior to and after the birth of your baby.

As far as equipment goes there are a few basics that you’ll want to invest in. Fortunately, nowadays the Affordable Healthcare Act provides you with insurance that may help you purchase or rent a breast pump. You’ll want to start looking for a pump before your baby is born. There are many brands out there and here at Baby’s Sweet Beginnings, we currently carry six different brands. We are always happy to go over the pumps and what will best suit your lifestyle budget and insurance coverage.  There are different types and styles of breast pumps and we work with each mom to help her decide what will best suit her needs.

Along with a breast pump, you want to look at different types of breast pads, nursing pillows, nipple cream and possibly storage bags. Baby’s Sweet Beginnings recommends one nursing bra and a nursing tank top to start. You don’t want to buy a whole lot of those before your baby is born because they may not fit well afterwards.  We offer free bra fittings to get you into the correct size.

You’ll want to stock up on easy grab-and-go foods like power protein bars, nuts, yogurt bars or just anything that’s easy to eat on the run.  You should also find a comfortable spot in your house to nurse your baby.  Sometimes, a mom sets up two spots in her home- one that she uses for nighttime feedings and one that she would use during the day.  Moms who go back to work need to look into what their employers offer for areas to pump.  A good supportive chair is very helpful, and a small stool for your feet to help support your legs and back during nursing is good, too.

Believe it or not, these are the items that you need to begin you’re breastfeeding journey. Baby’s Sweet Beginnings has handpicked every item in our store to be useful, affordable and high quality and helpful to those who are breastfeeding (and to those who choose to formula feed as well!).  If you are returning to work or school after baby is born, then you can start to consider things like storage bags, cooling kits, hands-free pumping bras and things that help a mom with pumping duties while she is away from the baby. For right now, before you have your baby or if you’ve just delivered,  keep it simple and easy on your budget.

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